We have compiled a list of useful biochar links from around the world to let you educate yourself on the organisations and brands we like especially and which provide similar products and services in other markets.


International Biochar Initiative

International Biochar Initiative
Currently this is the most authoritative global industry group dealing exclusively with biochar. Founded in 2006 with members around the world.


Fachverband Pflanzenkohle

Fachverband Pflanzenkohle
German industry group promoting biochar research and market development. Also includes its own list of useful biochar links specific to the German-speaking world.


Macclesfield Biochar

Maccy Biochar
Brian Lewis from Macclesfield Biochar with help from a local group of volunteers is producing quality biochar in the Macclesfield Area. Currently the group are putting a proposal before council to approve a central facility producing biochar from the abundant wood waste in the Macclesfield area.

Greg Marlu from SA Biochar Works sells quality biochar produced locally in Macclesfield in the clean southern Mount Lofty Ranges from high quality woody sources. Greg is also a highly regarded beekeeper.

From Marietta in Georgia, EarthSpring produce and retail biochar to the US market.

US Biochar manufacturer from Colorado. Focusing on large-scale industrial and horticultural uses of biochar to process industries and other manufacturers.


Biochar Solutions

Also from Colorado, Biochar Solutions manufactures and installs Char Production Equipment.

US Home of Black Owl Biochar, a premium brand with a wide product range suitable use in gardening and for environmental solutions.


Biochar Works

BiocharWorks – Researchers and Retailers in New York State, USA.


Black Carbon – Denmark

Danish Biochar retailer and research organisation with good english-language website.


Blue Sky Biochar

Michael Wittman from NYC, long-time activist selling Biochar, Wood Vinegar, Surfactants.

A US Biochar Research and Biochar Retail organisation .

Carbon Gold – UK Biochar retailer

Pro Natura – French Sustainable Development Not-for-profit organisation

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